The Thuringia forest is a narrow, forest-rich low mountain range, between the Thuringia slate mountains in the sotheast and the Werra valley near Hörschel in the northwest. The highest peaks are the Großer Beerberg (982 m NN), Schneekopf (978 m NN), Großer Finsterberg (944 m NN) and Großer Inselsberg (916 m NN).

On the mountain crest reaches the Rennsteig - a 168 km long hiking way on the top of Thuringia forest from the village Hörschel (river Werra) in the northwest to Blankenstein (river Saale) in southeast.The hiker prsented themselves the "Rennsteig" both broad forest way, washed and deformed gorge and asphalted route. At the same time the hiker offered provincial impressions: closely timber forests, moor areas, lonely hotels, larger villages, free promising gentle-curved high surfaces, steep valleys with rock-interspersed slopes, flat valley and again and again sight points on cities, villages, castles and locks, water surfaces, summits and rigdes.

The "Rennsteig" is a part of the International Hiking Way from Eisenach to Budapest - at the same time a part of the European Hiking Way number 3.